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    July 2012
    Where to start? Our pages are loaded with dogs needing new homes! Please consider them all, and get in touch with the rescue groups looking to find their forever homes.
Some of our success stories! If you've found a your new Fur-kid through Winterpaws, we'd love to know how they're going!
We adopted Zorro, a shaded black German Spitz, from your group about two years ago now - how time flies! I have attached a pic of Zorro and his BFF Snoopy, who we also 'recycled' when he had finished his show/stud career. Zorro had been dumped at the pound in the ACT, and was going to be put down as 'unsociable' and 'unsuitable for rehoming' but fortunately one of your people recognised that he wasn't really growling - that's just the way he talked! Anyway, he is a lot more sociable now, and loves walking up to people and 'assuming the position' for a pat. Or a feed if he's lucky! A little bit of chili pepper in oil resolved his love of garbage bins, and a basket of dog biscuits left out means he no longer has to feel defensive over food. Everybody's happy :) Thank you sooo much.


Tane - front left
Another Sucess story with our 2nd Winterpaws Husky

Hi Cindy

Another Success story with our 2nd Winterpaws Husky. We picked up Typhoon in late January 2011 from his previous home in Goulburn.
He joined us with Kai, Keisha, Alaska. It was just over a month since we lost Tubz (son of Kai and Keisha) to cancer - which took him from us in less than 24hrs after he showed symptoms

Typhoon at 2yo is a young man amongst Kai 12, Keisha 11 and Alaska 5 - he really hit it off with Alaska and they still are great mates. The names Typhoon and Kai were too close and created confusion - so Typhoon became Tane

He has settle well - loves the bike rides, the constant play, loves food and can sniff out and digest anything that is leather - my wallet and watch were early victims :)

4 months on and he is doing well - talking plenty and eager to please

cheers jamie

In Rememberence of Caesar, Rest In Peace

We came across Ceaser on winterpaws whilst looking at Malamute pups and realised that he really was the ideal pick for what we wanted, A large (he def fitted this part), male malamute and coincidentally enough (i call it fate) he was already called Ceaser which is what we were going to call our potential new pup.

After making the drive from Sydney we met with Cindy and she took us to the Kennels and i still remember the first day we saw him, think T-Rex with a thousand smaller Dinosaurs running around and underneath him, as he came lumbering out of his shelter.

Cindy let him up the run and he came straight up to me and sat straight on my foot, looked up at me and with his stupid grin started wagging his tail like he knew already he would be coming home with us. Then he proceeded to run back down the run to Mel and almost knocked her and Cindy over as they were talking in his way.

It was definite love at first sight and an hour later after he’d said goodbye to his friends he was in the back of the car on the way to his new home.

It was nothing but joy from then on in, despite crossing the princess Hwy twice unaided and living to tell the tale.

He was an instant hit in the household and found his paws quickly, sending the cat to a life on top of the cupboard as ceaser enjoyed daily attempts to catch it, it was like a second walk.

Ceas grew very vocal about when he wanted to walk and if he wasn’t ready to come home then he’d let you know that as well. Dinner time was much the same but he enjoyed showing off with his party trick of being able to shake with both paws.

He provided the household with laughter, brightness and hair, lots of hair. He even got used to riding in the back of a ute Kelpie style.

We then had to relocate to Adelaide and Ceas took it all in his stride, probably enjoying the cooler winter temps down here. He once again lit up the faces of friends and strangers alike and ruled the dog parks and beaches as he was the big kid on campus.

However Ceaser started to develop a limp a few weeks ago and after initial suspicions of a tendon injury it was discovered today that our mate had Cancer and he would be living in pain for the rest of his days so we had to make the decision to send him skyward while he still had an element of happiness and that bloody stupid grin still on his mug.

As hard as it it was to do and is to write this we’d like to thank the entire Winterpaws crew, in particular Cindy, for the opportunity to own and care for such a loyal, loving and wonderful dog that Ceaser was and that we got 4 good years with him was an honour to put it mildly.

Ceaser will be missed forever and a day but the memories he provides us with will live on even longer.

We miss you mate.

Justin & Mel.

Dear Cindy

Just had a look on your site and realised I should emailed you to let you know of another success story, and maybe put Mahli’s old family’s minds at rest if they happen to see it.

In November of 2008 I saw a beautiful picture of Mahli the 7yr old Malamute looking for a home, along with lovely a write up from her family about what she was like and why they could not keep her (child had severe asthma).

We went along to Somersby RSPCA to meet her, I must admit I was overwhelmed by her size, but my husband immediately fell in love with her and the next day we took her home, to our childrens’ delight, to be part of our family.

We absolutely love Mahli, she was obviously loved and well raised by her previous family. She gets on with our cats, loves all visitors and her new best doggy friend is Max, our miniature fox terrier. I take her on walks everyday and she always makes sure she gets lots of belly rubs and sleeps by our bed at night. Occasionally, she is a bit naughty and sneaks out the gate if it has been left open and goes for a swim in the neighbours dam then comes home wet and smelly.

Attached are some pictures.

Sue and family.
Alakas Story

We drove up to Richmond and picked up Alaska as she was too much for her past owners who had relocated

A 2yo white Husky to join out clan of 3 "normal" coloured dogs

After a day of being a quiet girl she turned into a stand over tactician very quickly and took a lot of work in the first 2 months

She has joined in well and displays much more affection to us that the other 3 dogs - she must be thankful!

She bring some youth and vigour to the bike pulling team and is the new leader - and gets plenty of running and swimming in daily

She is more of a dog - and even barks at people who knock at the door so she adds another dimension

Kai 10, Keisha 9 and Tubz 8 put up with her well - she is not as tight as them but enjoys life solo at times and as part of the group when its human lead

We installed some electric wires on top of the 6ft colourbond fence so she is safe and sound - a must for this young escape artist !

Its been nearly 2 years now with Alaska in the crew - so thanks guys at Winterpaws for all your hard work and commitment


Here's Dakota!

He's just so lovable he's somehow made it to be an inside dog, despite his new Dad thinking he'd be only an outside dog! But how could you resist a big boofa like this! Thanks Les for giving him a great home!

Seren made herself right at home with her new family. Her new family said she'd only come inside to the kitchen. It was less than 30 minutes before Seren had explored the whole house, and often sleeps inside at her new owner's feet.

Angel's luck came good, successfully rehomed to what could only be a dog's dream owner - a butcher!

Loki was covered in fleas, with badly flystruck ears, and very underweight. After some medical attention, and a change to a good diet, Loki's coat improved, the hair on his ears grew back, and was a nice solid healthy dog. He soon found his forever home, where he is in good hands and has a girlfriend in a 10 month old Siberian Husky x Kelpie.


Thought I would share our story with you. We adopted Crystal around three months ago, we renamed her Dakota (new start, new name!). She now spends her days with her brother (Sabre) who she loves to play with (and boss around!) and playing at the park everyday with their friends (Mishka and Asha, also Sibes).

She has settled in beautifully and we love her very much. Soon Sabre and Dakota are both off to training camp (Sabre has been before, but this is her first visit!) she has learnt so much already we know she is going to have a lovely time and learn lots of new things.

We think Winterpaws does a wonderful job at helping re-home these beautiful puppies! I just wish we had enough space for more of them!

Sam and Steve